Starting in October and finishing the days before the election, I crafted social promotions for Facebook and Twitter to encourage our audience to read our specially prepared Voters Guide.

This meant that every other day, a post on Facebook and Twitter was scheduled highlighting a specific office and its candidates. There were 8 races and 5 Amendments. I created various gifs with photos of the candidates, maps of the districts, and/or quotes from the candidates about their stances on certain issues. Below are some examples of the social posts I made.

As I was looking to find examples for this Storify, it appears that the gifs did not work on Facebook — they were stuck on the first slide of the gif.

Some feedback I received: I needed to tag candidates in the tweets and not use so many colors on the amendment posts. Overall, I learned that I need to be more detail oriented.


Additionally, by chance, I happened to be schedule to do weekly analytics the weekend after the election. As I looked at the numbers, it appeared that Parsley did not count mobile views, which was a good thing to catch.

I informed the newsroom of how the Voters Guide performed:

*Most readers came to the Voters Guide via search engine. Therefore, we need to optimize search engine search terms with topics like this.

*About half of the readers didn’t click through to the Voters Guide. Therefore, we need to make the button on the Missourian article larger for the folks who didn’t actually read through the article to get to the Voters Guide.

*Social referrals, at 16%, didn’t do that great despite our promotional efforts that went on for weeks. Therefore, we need to focus more on the day before the election and make the posts more engaging.