I produced a Snapchat story on the morning on Election day to talk to first-time voters. This was primarily a crowd-source project rather than an informative story as I had previously done.

Overall, this video went very well despite the rain. Many first-time voters were excited to be on the Missourian Snapchat Channel, unlike older adults in previous Snapchat stories I’ve made. I made sure to get a variety of people based on race, gender, and political affiliation. I also triple checked all spelling before I posted because I had made that mistake too many times before.

I also experimented a bit by adding personality to the video, such as adding a snap of me complaining of the rain — the electioneers wouldn’t let me be inside.

My original plan was to go to two different polling locations on campus. My first stop was Memorial Union, and I stayed there for about 30 minutes. However, when I left for the second location at the alumni building, no one would talk to me. Some students were unfriendly, but the adults–not first time voters unfortunately–were very appreciative of what I was trying to do. After 10 minutes of no luck, I went back to Memorial Union to finish out the Snapstory.

After doing several of Snapchat stories, I’ve learned that you have to be hyper-aware of the content you’re putting on. Not only must it be visually pleasing, but it must also have text that represents the photo/video that isn’t too distracting. Also, you have to prioritize and go slow even though news is flying at you from all angles.